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Federal Resources Video Channel

The Federal Resources for Small Businesses Channel video collection includes 24 learning series, each with from one to twelve episodes for more than 20 hours of content in 49 videos.  To access this rich and varied content, just register.

Federal Resources Video Channel

Learning Series                    Video Episodes

Today’s Experience Economy

Episode 1: Welcome to the Experience Economy

Small Business Lending 101

Episode 1. Course Overview & When to Borrow

Episode 2. Who Are the Small Business Lenders

Episode 3. What Are the Small Business Loan Products

Episode 4. How do Lenders Determine Creditworthiness

Episode 5.The Five C’s of Creditworthiness

Episode 6. Improving the Five C’s for Your Clients

Episode 7. What is Debt Service Coverage

Episode 8. Case Study: Larger Loan

Episode 9. Case Study: Microloans

Episode 10. Improving Debt Service Coverage

Episode 11. Ask the Small Business Lending Expert: Helping Clients Overcome Financing Challenges in Times of Uncertainty

Cybersecurity Basics 

Episode 1: Cybersecurity Tips from SBDC Experts

Episode 2: Cyber-hygiene in the Age of Covid-19: Prepare your Clients

Cybersecurity Forum

Episode 1: An Introduction to Cyber=preparedness

Episode 2: Federal Agency Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity

Episode 3: Cyber Program Lightning Round

ROSY: Leadership Model To Achieve Results

Episode 1: The Results Oriented Operating System (part 1)  

Episode 2: The Results Oriented Operating System (part 2)  

International Trade Essentials of Export Assistance 

Episode 1: The Why and How of Export Assistance

Episode 2: Introduction to Key Resources to Support Export Assistance

Succession and Legacy Planning

Episode 1: Succession and Legacy Planning with Our Clients

Innovative Client Strategies for Business Resilience

Episode 1: Introduction to Business Resilience

Episode 2: Powerful and Effective 5-Day Fundraising

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Episode 1: Case Study 1: Disaster Happens - Be Prepared

Episode 2: Case Study 2: Disaster Hits – Now What?

Episode 3: Managing the Unpredictable

Legal Guidelines for Social Media

Episode 1: Avoid Social Media Pitfalls

Marketing Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

Episode 1: Marketing a Client’s Business through a Pandemic Lens

Crowdfunding and Your COVID Access-to- Capital Toolkit

Episode 1: How Crowdfunding Works

Episode 2: Identifying Ideal Clients for Crowdfunding

Leveraging Partnerships for Stronger Client Outcomes

Episode 1: Leveraging Partnerships for Stronger Client Outcomes

Equipping Rural Centers with Resources for Success

Episode 1: Equipping Rural Centers with Resources for Success

Resources for Women-Owned Businesses

Episode 1: Resources for Women-Owned Businesses

Stress Management and the Changing Workplace

Episode 1: Tips for Working Remotely

Episode 2: Ten Tips for Leading in a Crisis

Episode 3: Coping with Covid: Leading Under Stress

Transgender Inclusivity in Business

Episode 1: Transgender Inclusivity and Best Practices in a Remote Environment

Building Inclusive Economic Ecosystems

Episode 1: Building Inclusive Economic Ecosystems

Building Professional Relationships

Episode 1: Building Professional Relationships

Empower Your Clients With Free Digital Training

Episode 1: Overview of the Grow with Google Partner Program

Episode 2: How to Access Resources in the Grow with Google Partner Site.

The Digital Pocket Guide for Workplace Compliance

Episode 1: The Digital Pocket Guide for Workplace Compliance

Roadmap to Excellence

Episode 1: Management Planning Triage Checklist

Episode 2: Best Management Practices 101

Episode 3: Roadmap to Excellence Worksheet

SBA Office of International Trade

Episode 1: Overview and Resources

The Future of Remote Counseling

Episode 1: The Future of Remote Counseling

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